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The Outdoor Candle 'Tamed Basil & Thunder'

The Outdoor Candle 'Tamed Basil & Thunder'
The Outdoor Candle 'Tamed Basil & Thunder'

Boogie Bougie

The Outdoor Candle 'Tamed Basil & Thunder'

Introducing our outdoor candle for those early spring chills or sultry summer nights. Comes in a sleek stainless steel container, holding 1.7kg of high grade wax to enjoy 100hrs of burn time. But that’s not all, we’ve blended the wax with Wild Mint, Basil, and Cedar Wood fragrance oils, so you can enjoy an invigorating scent while keeping the bugs away. Oh. And when you’re finished, re-use as a planter and let those flowers bloom.

🡢 100hrs of burn time

🡢 1.7kg of mineral and vegetable wax blend

🡢 a durable and sleek stainless steel container

🡢 available in our ‘Tamed Basil & Thunder’ fragrance blend with fragrances notes of wild mint, basil and cedar wood. 


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